Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I asked Anu not to pick me up because I wanted to try the bus-route.I saw Billericay ,a huge town which even had a TITAN office.I dropped off at the Hutton village stop and started walking.A lady directed me to keep walking in rounds.I followed the road until a diversion stood before me.I decided to take the church lane.It led me to the Hutton All saints church,extremely beautiful and an old structure.Even as I absorbed the architecture I noticed a gentleman bending down on the grass in the lawn,partially hidden by the fence.I shouted across the boundary ,he did not respond at first ,then suddenly he looked up ,offered a profound apology.He said he was partially deaf.It was then that I noticed he had a camera in his hand and he was trying to photograph something on the ground.
He gave me a detailed direction which I received at once with a lot of gratitude.It was a beautiful walk in the country side ,beyond the Park lane.There lay the familiar Hutton free church,a landmark to identify Anu's place.A few paces more and I walked into the compound which has been a home away from home in a foreign land.... the smell of mint palau and rajma...cooked between the busy schedule of commuting between work and home...it could't get better.

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