Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another week!

Last week has had it's set of challenges.Half way through the rounds my boss took me aside to let me know that the offer to work another year was open.I warily asked him for some time to consider the offer.He said,' take your time'.I have a month to answer him.
I wrote a letter to my ED in Delhi about it and his reply went in the lines of  'your welfare is the priority'.
That is what touches me about the organisation I belong to.It has a soul.Thank God for my seniors.
I am undecided and keeping things in prayer not entirely sure how another year is going to benefit me.
I have ,as have always done, asked the counsel of some of the seniors.
I try to think how another year is going to benefit me.
For one,I would like to publish one book atleast which seems to be more of a possibility here-may be I could do it in another six months.
I could travel a little more,widen my horizons a little more.....
I am not sure I will learn much if things continue the way it is going.
Tomorrow is easter...Oprah is driving me to church....Happy Easter!Perhaps I will get some leading there.

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