Saturday, March 16, 2013

'It's a Christian,I presume'.

The other day I was reading about David Livingstone.All my life ,I have in many ways looked up to him,so much so that the first idea of donning a white coat in life came from the biographies of Livingstone and Sweitzer.David Livingstone in reality was branded a failure by the world.It was Stanley of 'Dr Livingstone I presume', fame who when he went in search of Livingstone, brought back reports that changed the entire impression.
More than the testimony of Stanley were his faithful African friends who had been with him in Africa ,who expressed their impression of him by taking Livingstone's heart out from his body and burying it in Africa even as they brought his body back to the pomp and fare of the glorius funeral England had arranged for him.
That I guess is the paradox of christian life.
The ultimate picture of Christ ,-'it never mattered to Him'........
The picture of His disciples...'till it does not matter to us'....the work on us will continue ...

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JK said...

The same was true for William Carey. Very much applicable for present day leaders of the church who are very much concerned about what the world thinks about them.