Thursday, March 14, 2013

You are worth weight in gold.

'You are worth weight in gold','what a lovely face you have','you have just the right job you know?''Are you married?,lucky girl!''God bless you'.This was Doris 92 years old lady with dementia,living with her daughter in law.She was brought in with incessant diarrhoea of nine days duration.She repeated the above lines after every two minutes.
The nurses cynically handed the patient over to me saying the relatives had to leave because they had not eaten their dinner!
Doris started telling me about her life,how she had brought up her children on her own ,how her husband liked the pub life a bit too much,spent all the money there.Curiosity made me ask about her husband and she said he's still alive.She suddenly screwed her face and said ,'I don't know where my husband is?I don't remember,she looked terribly distressed and said 'Isn't this terrible,I don't remember.
Her pain and confusion was writ large on her face.I found myself asking immediately,do you pray?Her face cleared and with a big smile she said coyly,'yes I pray to the Lord and He looks after me!'
I started weeping quietly by her side amazed at a love so divine ,so clear,so to reach out to the coldest of places.
Doris,what an amazing God you have!

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